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          Enrichment Lessons

          Enrichment Lessons at Nottingham Free School

          Why do we have enrichment lessons at Nottingham Free School?

          We aim to ensure all of our students achieve a good career through university or equivalent training. The combination of excellent academic qualifications combined with the wider skills developed during enrichment lessons gives all of our students the ability to fully develop all of the skills required by employers. Each enrichment lesson that students choose will develop at least one of these skills.
          It is important that students choose lessons that will give them a rounded set of skills. Students are asked to take time to read through all of the options carefully before stating their preferences. We encourage students to think about what skills they need to develop as well as activities that they would enjoy. Students are given a presentation about all activities and a booklet that can be taken home so that parents are able to support them with their decisions. KS3 make options for a term. KS4 make options for the year. Options booklets for enrichment choices and information can be downloaded in the tabs to the right of this page.

          Employability Skills

          1. Self-motivation: taking responsibility for developing work readiness
          2. Self-assurance: having the tools and skills to present themselves to employers
          3. Aspiration: having high personal goals
          4. Informed: understanding the opportunities available and making realistic choices
          5. Experience: having experience of work that is rewarding and fulfilling
          6. Achieving: qualifications valued by employers
          7. Accountability: understanding how to take responsibility
          8. Resilience: understanding employers need for people who can listen and learn
          9. Entrepreneurial: working creatively to achieve personal and business potential
          10. Co-operation: developing effective communication and co working skills

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