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          学生 Council

          From September, the 学生 Council will be led by Molly Doran 和 Shannon Birkett (both Y13)

          The 学生 Council is made up of 26 members; one rep in each tutor set from Y7-11 plus 6 members of the Executive Committee (all Y13)

          • Chair: Molly Doran
          • Vice Chair: Shannon Birkett
          • Harri Grewal
          • Millie Oakley
          • Amelia Sowik
          • Josh Warner

          The aim of our Student Council is to ensure that all of our students have a voice and are able to positively contribute to shaping our whole school ethos and community. Therefore every student is given the opportunity to take part and vote in the 学生 Council. It is important that all students feel they have a way of expressing their wishes or points of view in a safe 和 friendly environment; with the view of making every experience for each student the best it can possibly be.

          The 学生 Council is inclusive and proactive and being a member can help to improve a wide variety of skills including: teamwork, communication, presenting, decision making, time management, organisation, leadership, providing support and guidance, understanding varying viewpoints, debating 和 much more!

          Since September 2014, the 学生 Council has already contributed to the following projects:

          • Shaping the school ethos
          • School dinners
          • Valentines Roses
          • 储物柜
          • Playground equipment
          • Pupil voice surveys
          • Comic Relief
          • School visitors' tours
          • Charity Bake Sales
          • End of term school disco
          • Open evening assistance
          • Lunchtime revision club
          • Children in Need
          • School events

          We look forward to many more exciting projects over the next few months! If you wish to contact any members of the council for further information or suggestions, please use the email address: contact@nottinghamfreeschool.co.uk

          This is what our Executive Council members have said in previous years:

          Nasua (Chairperson): “We can make positive contributions to what's going on in school we can join together and make changes based on student voice. The Student Council is a really good opportunity for the school as most students’ ideas are usually considered. If you have an idea for school development, the 学生 Council are the best people to come to because they listen to your ideas 和 try their best to follow them through.”

          Hadden (Vice Chairperson): “The Student Council is great because it is a chance for students to make decisions – they can tell the 学生 Council reps and this will then be discussed in our meetings. It helps us all to work together, communicate 和 rely on each other.”

          Gabby (Publicity Officer): "I wanted to be on the school council because I felt that since we were the first two year groups to come to this school, a student voice needed to be heard. I think the 学生 Council gives students a voice to help develop our school 和 keeps everyone informed about what’s happening."

          Thomas (Events Officer): “It is important to have a responsibility and be independent. We can arrange events and it is nice that we can organise projects ourselves. It has helped me with public speaking in assembly and you can be creative 和 outgoing with ideas.”

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